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Welcome to Moving Feelings

I founded Moving Feelings to provide Therapy and Clinical Supervision Services for the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. Moving Feelings uses a creative approach to psychotherapy, allowing the client to access a thinking, feeling and imaginative space

What We Offer

Online Therapy

Moving Feelings work for the betterment of others. We offer online therapy and clinical supervision sessions as well as face to face.

Creative Methods

We often incorporate creative methods including movement, art and play into our therapy and clinical supervision practice.

Flexible Appointments

We offer flexible appointment times (including evenings!) for families, children and adults.

Select a Service

  • Clinical Supervision

    Clinical Supervision is available to a variety of practitioners including therapists, educational staff, medical workers and social workers.

    Chloe has a diploma in Creative Approaches to Clinical Supervision from the London Centre for Psychodrama and is accredited by ADMP.

    Chloe often facilitates creative methods within clinical supervision sessions, allowing supervisee to access a thinking, feeling and imaginative space that goes beyond words.

    Chloe provides clinical supervision within schools, organisations and private practice. 1:1 and group sessions are available as are sessions via Zoom.

  • Children's Therapy

    Therapy is available for children from the age of 4. Young people often have big feelings that they struggle to express. Sessions are provided by Chloe Woodhouse who has extensive experience of working with children and young people. Chloe has developed a unique therapeutic approach that often incorporates creative mediums such as movement, art and play, to allow children and young people to express their thoughts and feelings. 

    Therapy can help children and young people with a range of difficulties such as socialisation, communication and regulation. 

    Chloe works with children in schools, organisations and private practice. Both one to one and group sessions are available. An initial appointment is provided to discuss the individual needs of the young person. 

  • Adult Therapy

    Therapy can be an opportunity to establish a deeper connection to our sense of self and allow the possibility for growth and change. People seek therapy for a variety of reasons such as a change of circumstances in their life, a traumatic experience or difficulty within their relationships. 

    Sessions are provided by Chloe Woodhouse. Chloe has extensive experience of working with the body in a psychotherapeutic context and often focuses on drawing attention to achieving a mind-body relationship, allowing the individual to notice and acknowledge their thoughts and feelings. 

    Both one to one and group sessions are available as well as short term and long term work. An initial appointment is provided to discuss your individual needs. 

  • Parent and Child Therapy

    Moving Feelings provides therapy for parents and children to help with presenting issues such as communication, attachment, and regulation.

    Sessions are facilitated by Chloe Woodhouse who has worked extensively with children and families for the last 10 years in a therapeutic context. She facilitates creative and playful methods that can be used in the relationship between the parent and child and be incorporated into home life.

    Many parents seek support in their relationships with their child, particularly when their child is in need or distress. Engaging in the therapeutic process together can allow the parent to gain a deeper insight into the child's inner world and create a space for growth and development. 

    Short-term and long-term work is possible. An initial appointment is provided to discuss the needs of your family.

  • Workshops and Training

    Moving Feelings are able to provide a range of mental health and well-being workshops and training for individuals or organisations. All workshops can be adapted for children and adults and can be used in a one to one or group context.

    Regular workshops include:

    • Mindful movement
    • Singing for wellbeing
    • Body mapping
    • Integrative arts workshops

    In house or online training is also available for schools and organisations upon request.

Our Clients

  • I am a Speech and Language Therapist who received creative supervision from Chloe. She helped me work through challenges in my educational setting by giving me different view points and things to think about. Chloe uses different methods and mediums to explore ideas and relationships. I always find supervision highly valuable and would recommend Chloe as a supervisor.
    Amy Wilkins
  • Chloe worked as part of the therapy team with children who have a diagnosis of ASD and ADHD. She worked both one to one and in groups. Chloe built up great trust with the children and was able to support them in their development whilst they engaged in the innovative and creative sessions she provided. The young people were able to express themselves creatively in a safe space and reflect upon who they were, the support they needed and the support they wanted. Chloe used her experience and knowledge to also support educational staff in transferring the therapeutic approaches into the class room, thus providing the young people with a truly holistic approach.
    Carly Griffiths
  • My partner and I enjoyed a singing for wellbeing session with Chloe as part of the Casting Rainbows Family Friendly Wellbeing Festival. Through the livestream video we were able to watch, listen, learn and copy the rhythms Chloe demonstrated combined with a song. It was a great way to exercise our minds and hand movements through repetition and we not only broke into song but laughter too! It was so much fun. Thank you!
    Marie Hegarty
  • Chloe worked with one of my students within an ASD provision. He needed help with being able to express his emotions appropriately and Chloe was able to encourage him to do so in a safe and creative way.

    I saw a huge improvement in the way he was then able to communicate how he was feeling and the way he felt within himself. Chloe created a space in which he had the opportunity to express his thoughts and feelings. He told me he felt Chloe truly understood him and how much he enjoyed their sessions. Chloe was always highly professional and her passion for helping children shines through. I would highly recommend Chloe.

    Megan Elliott

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    Moving Feelings • Clinical Supervision and Therapy • Leicester
    Moving Feelings • Clinical Supervision and Therapy • Leicester Moving Feelings • Clinical Supervision and Therapy • Leicester