Helping children and young people to create a school/life balance at home

Since the initial lockdown in March 2020, the pressure of home schooling on children and young people is one of the key themes coming up in my therapy work. Pressure to perform, lack of motivation and missing important connections are just a few elements that are leading to feelings of anxiety and depression in young people.


What can you do to help to create a school life balance whilst working from home?

Separate your space:

Creating defined spaces for work and rest can really help our mind to separate what it needs to do. Having a distraction free, quiet space can help to encourage focus and concentration whereas creating a sanctuary within a bedroom, can allow you to step out of ‘work mode’ and help your mind and body to switch off.

Create a routine:

A sense of routine is really important as it gives us a time boundary. It can also give us a sense of control which can be empowering when feeling overwhelmed with infinite amounts of work and no set times provided by class schedules. Try setting your alarm in a morning and have a plan for when you get up. This can help to provide motivation and give a sense of purpose to the day.

Make time for joy: 

When we feel depressed, anxious or generally unmotivated, it can be very difficult to notice other feelings and emotions. Whilst many young people are unable to engage in their usual hobbies and social activities, it can feel like schoolwork is the only constant thing in their life. Take some time to remember what brings you joy and see how it can be incorporated into home life. This may include listening to music, going for a bike ride, talking to friends. It can sometimes feel difficult to remember what brings us joy; try thinking of what makes you laugh, feel calm or what makes your body feel good, make a list and see how they can fit into home life.

Take breaks:

It can be easy to get into a piece of work and hours later, you are still sat working on it and time has passed you by. Remember to incorporate small breaks throughout the day. At school, you would have a series of breaks including lunch time, beak time and time to walk between classes. Allow time to get up and move. Reconnect with your body and notice what it needs.

Connect with people:

Human connections are so important. Make the most of technology to text, WhatsApp, facetime, zoom and call your friends and loved ones! Remember, your peers are probably missing connecting too!

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