How can singing help to improve wellbeing?

One of the great things about singing is anyone can do it! Singing can have enormous wellbeing benefits for people young and old and is accessible for all. As a singer, vocal coach and embodied psychotherapist, I have experienced the physical, mental and social benefits of singing. Some of the wellbeing benefits of singing include;


The ‘feel good factor’

The feel-good factor of singing comes from the positive neurochemicals such as endorphins and oxytocin that are released when we sing. These hormones are associated with feelings of happiness and stress release. 

Take a breath:

 The use of focused breath in singing allows the individual to gain an increased awareness of their body. The emphasis on breathing from the ‘core’ can be helpful in slowing down and deepening breathing patterns. Mindful breathing patterns can have a positive effect on the mind and body, providing a sense of regulation and relaxation as well as physical benefits such as increased blood circulation, benefits to lung and heart health and can boost the immune system!

Postural benefits:

When singing, a relationship between the mind and the body is established. A sense of grounding is created through our feet and our back becomes aligned. Our body responds to the breath from the core, all resulting in a stance that is strong yet open.

Increased Confidence:

Singing can be an enormous confidence booster! Singing is a great expressive tool and can allow us to express ourselves through words, sound and performance. Some people may enjoy taking on different roles, allowing them to play a character or express thoughts and feelings in a creative form.

Clarity in Communication:

Communication is one of the key benefits of singing. Singing allows us to express ourselves in a clear and concise way by drawing attention to diction, the use of breath and dynamics. It can also improve listening skills, draw attention to the way in which we communicate such as our tone and volume and can be helpful in allowing us to think about meaning in words.

Improved Memory:

Singing has proved to have great brain benefits, particularly to memory. The type of breathing used in singing can increase circulation, improving brain functioning. There is vast research into the effects of music and singing on the brain in people with dementia. Research has shown that often the musical memory is retained even when other memories are lost.


Moving Feelings provides Singing for Wellbeing sessions both online and face to face for children, young people and adults in Sheffield. No previous singing experience is necessary. For more information about Singing for Wellbeing, please give us a call or use our arrange an appointment form.




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